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A company with tradition

We are a family company with a 60-year tradition in the field of manufacturing superior furniture for both residential and commercial spaces, we combine our extensive expertise,
modern technology, and premium materials to create flawlessly designed furniture suitable for every room. Our commitment to quality ensures the production of exquisite, bespoke
pieces tailored to your preferences.

We started as a small company manufacturing metal furniture, but transitioned in the mid- 90s to specialize in crafting bespoke wooden furniture. Our commitment to excellence led us to embrace cutting-edge technology, notably computer-controlled CNC machines. This advanced machinery empowers us to design and create highly intricate and sophisticated furniture pieces. We prioritize optimal material usage and meticulous attention to detail in every aspect of our manufacturing process.

The third generation of the Brance family continues the tradition of crafting bespoke furniture, achieving remarkable success evidenced by consistent sales growth and a rising number of employees within the company, year after year.