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Terms of use


Welcome to our online store www.1apeleti.si.
The online store is open 356 days a year, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. The operational terms of the online store www.1apeleti.si comply with regulations outlined in the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot-UPB2), the Personal Data Protection Act (ZVOP-1),
the Electronic Communications Act (ZEKom-1), and are structured in alignment with Chamber of Commerce and Industry recommendations, as well as international e-business

www.1apeleti.si is an online store operated by LBL Urška Brance s.p., referred to hereafter as the »seller/manager.« Prior to using the online store, we strongly recommend reviewing the terms and conditions outlined below. Your use of the website signifies your acceptance of these conditions. Registered users can access exclusive benefits, and rest assured, all private information is handled with the utmost confidentiality and protection. Details on
how we collect and utilize your data are available in our Privacy Policy. The purchaser/user is obligated to adhere to the prevailing general terms and conditions of the online store www.1apeleti.si upon making a purchase (upon submission of the online order). Each order placement serves as a reminder to the user or buyer of the business’s general terms and conditions. By confirming and submitting the order, the individual affirms their acknowledgment and understanding of these terms. The seller retains the right to modify the terms and conditions on the website www.1apeleti.si without prior notice. All alterations are binding for customers/users.
Therefore, we advise regularly reviewing the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy for updated information availability.



LBL Urška Brance s.p. (seller) commits to providing the following information to the buyer (user) even before they are bound by the contract or offer:

Details about the company/seller, including the company’s name, headquarters, registration number, etc. Contact information facilitating prompt communication (email, telephone). Comprehensive product and service specifications, encompassing after-sales services, guarantees, and the duration of the provided information’s validity.nProduct availability, ensuring that every item displayed on the website is reasonably obtainable. Information regarding product delivery terms. Transparently determined prices, explicitly indicating whether they include taxes, transportation expenses, and other charges, alongside the duration of this pricing information’s validity. Details about payment methods, delivery or fulfillment procedures, and the duration of this provided information’s validity. Terms of offer validity. Guidelines for contract withdrawal and withdrawal conditions (clarification of the right to withdraw as per Article 43 of the ZVPot; explicit notification in cases where the consumer lacks this right as per Article 43 of the ZVPot).

A comprehensive explanation of the complaint resolution process, incorporating details about the designated contact person or customer service department.



All prices displayed in our online store are in EUR and are inclusive of VAT. LBL s.p. operates as a taxpayer. Please note that the prices listed in the online store pertain solely to the product and do not cover delivery expenses, unless specified otherwise. These prices are applicable exclusively to electronic product orders made through our online platform. The prices remain valid at the time of placing the order and do not extend beyond that moment. The offer remains valid until it is revoked.



The sales agreement between the seller and the buyer is formalized upon the submission of the buyer’;s order and subsequent confirmation by the seller (confirmed when the buyer receives an email from the seller regarding the Order status, marked as ‘Received’ or ‘Processing’. If the buyer enters an incorrect or invalid email address, the seller bears no responsibility for any failed message deliveries regarding the order status. Additionally, the
seller is not liable for any inaccurate or false information provided by the buyer during the order placement. From this point onward, all prices and accompanying conditions are deemed final and applicable to both the provider and the buyer. The buyer warrants that all provided information is accurate and truthful.



Upon dispatching the order, the seller issues an electronic invoice, forwarding a copy to thebuyer’s specified electronic address provided during the order placement. The seller maintains electronic copies of the invoices on the server and stores physical copies in the company’s on-site archive of issued/printed invoices.



Payment to Seller’s Transaction Account:
You can directly transfer payment for goods to the merchant’s transaction account. Once the seller’s TRR (Transaction Reference Number) reflects the successful payment, the goods will be dispatched. Transfer details and reference information are provided in the order summary email. Credit Card Payment (Visa, Mastercard) via Secure Paywings Payment System:

Using the secure PayWiser system, buyers are redirected to a protected page to process credit card payments. Goods will be shipped upon receipt of payment confirmation from the PayWiser system.

Please note:
The seller reserves the right to request advance payment for all purchases before delivery. The seller retains the right to modify or disable payment methods if necessary. This may occur due to technical or maintenance work or changes in the seller’s business policy regarding available payment methods.



The seller is committed to assessing and ensuring the most economical shipping expenses based on the order.
Shipping fees within the Republic of Slovenia are determined in accordance with the seller’s standard delivery price list.
The buyer is responsible for covering shipping costs upon goods receipt, unless in the following scenarios:
When the shipping/delivery costs are already included at the time of order placement.
When purchasing individual items that, alongside their description, feature a note specifying ”postage included in the price” or ”free delivery”.
If explicitly mentioned”Postage/delivery is complimentary (free) for all products”:
In cases where an alternative agreement has been previously arranged between the buyer and the seller.



Customers have the flexibility to place orders for desired products through various channels such as the online store, email, or by phone. Additionally, modifications or supplements to
existing orders can be communicated to us via email or phone.
Information concerning the executed contract or the placed order is securely stored at LBL s.p. The buyer can gain access to the contract by initiating an inquiry through email. Prior to order submission, buyers retain the capability to adjust quantities, add or remove products, or rectify any errors.

Preceding the finalization of the order, buyers have the opportunity to review its accuracy comprehensively. This review includes checking the quantity, pricing, and the option to rectify any potential errors. Only upon confirming these selections will the order be officially placed.

The seller bears no responsibility for inaccuracies or errors in data inputted by the buyer during the order placement process.  Therefore, it is imperative for buyers to diligently verify the accuracy of information entered in the designated fields such as payer details, delivery address, telephone number, and email address for notifications. The buyer assumes responsibility for the accuracy and authenticity of provided data.



To make a purchase, a visitor to the online store does not need to register as a user.
Purchase steps:
Step 1: The buyer selects the desired items and their quantities from the online store’s offerings, then proceeds by clicking the ‘Add to Cart’ button. A summary of the order appears, allowing completion by clicking ‘Continue to Checkout’.  Following this, the buyer inputs their information, selects the preferred delivery and payment methods, and finalizes the order by clicking ‘Complete Purchase’ or ‘Buy Now’, thereby committing to payment for the selected goods.
Step 2: Upon order submission, the buyer receives an email notification acknowledging the order’s acceptance.
Step 3: If the buyer does not cancel the order, it proceeds to further processing. The seller reviews the order, checks the availability of items, and either confirms or rejects the order with an explanation. Upon order confirmation, the seller notifies the buyer via email that the order has been accepted or is being processed. The contractual agreement for the purchase of the items between the buyer and the provider is firmly established at this stage.



As a buyer/user, upon submitting an order, I hereby grant explicit consent to LBL Urška Brance s.p. for the collection, utilization, processing, and retention of my personal and other provided data during the purchasing process. This consent is intended for the purpose of facilitating and processing my order, addressing additional inquiries related to the purchase, generating quotations, establishing contact or communication, wherein LBL Urška Brance
s.p. may employ diverse communication channels (e.g. telephone, postal mail, email).

Furthermore, this consent extends to the execution of the finalized purchase contract and the sharing of delivery address information with contracted delivery services. This consent remains valid until revoked.

Further Guidelines for Purchasing and Product Use: It is essential to conduct a safe test on each product before use. If uncertainty persists regarding the safe usage of a product or concerns arise regarding potential property damage or risks to health, refrain from using the product. Kindly notify the seller about any uncertainties and proceed to return the product. Utilization of all products is solely at your discretion and under your own responsibility.
While we endeavor to provide detailed and accurate descriptions, alongside representative images of our products, it’s important to note that we cannot ensure absolute accuracy in all product information and images.


Customers have a two-hour window following the order placement to cancel the order. This can be done by sending an email to narocila@1apeleti.si or by contacting us via phone. Please ensure that the cancellation email includes the following details:
Subject of the message: Cancellation of Order
Content of the message:
a) Product name
b) Buye’s full name
c) Buyer’s address
Alternatively, buyers can cancel the order by responding to the automatically generated message received from the seller. In the reply, kindly specify the cancellation of the order within the message content.



When goods are readily available in stock, the seller meticulously prepares and packs them within a few working days (with a maximum of 9 working days), and dispatches the package

to the designated recipient. Alongside the goods, the buyer will also receive a corresponding invoice. In rare instances where, due to unforeseen circumstances, delivery within the stipulated timeframe is unfeasible, the buyer will promptly receive notification via email or telephone. The delivery process is facilitated through the seller’s trusted logistics partners under a contractual arrangement.

The delivery service pertains exclusively to Slovenia’s territory. For expedited delivery or shipping outside Slovenia, arrangements must be made via phone or email for further assistance.



As per the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot), customers have the prerogative to notify the company within 14 days upon receipt of the product (through the contact email address: narocila@1apeleti.si or by phone at 030600660) of their decision to withdraw from the contract or order, without the obligation to provide a reason for their decision. The sole cost incurred by the buyer in relation to contract withdrawal is the direct expense of returning the goods (postage costs are borne by the buyer). The consumer must return the goods to the seller within 14 days of the withdrawal notice in the same condition as received—undamaged, unused, and in the original packaging. Prior communication via email
or phone is recommended before initiating a return, allowing agreement on the best return method. We do not accept cash-on-delivery returns. Description of the right to withdraw from the contract in accordance with Article 43: In case of contract withdrawal, the company promptly refunds all received payments, no later than 14 days after receiving the notice of withdrawal. If the consumer has received the goods and opts to withdraw, they must return or hand over the goods to the company or an authorized
representative within 14 days of the withdrawal notice, unless the company offers to manage the returned goods itself. Timely return of the goods is considered if dispatched before the 14-day return period lapses. The company reserves the right to withhold refunding until receipt of the returned goods or until the consumer provides evidence of dispatching the goods. This condition applies unless
the company offers the option to collect the returned goods itself.

ATTENTION! The right to withdraw from the contract does NOT apply to legal entities.
Buyers who withdraw from the contract or order are required to return the goods undamaged, in the original packaging, and in the same quantity. In the event of physical damage to the goods or mismatched quantities, the buyer is liable for any resulting
damages. Withdrawal from the contract is not considered in the following cases:
When the goods show signs of damage, dirt, or visible usage traces (physical damage, contact with liquids, etc.). In situations where individual items or the entire range are damaged, soiled, or missing.
Contract withdrawal form:  HERE

Correction of a Genuine Error Procedure for asserting a factual error as per Article 37 of the Consumer Protection Act (ZVPot):
The seller is obligated to supply goods to the consumer in compliance with the contract and is accountable for substantive errors in their performance.

A genuine error is established if:
The item lacks the essential properties necessary for normal use or customary market trading.
The item lacks the specific properties essential for the intended use, known or should have been known by the seller.
The item doesn’t meet the explicitly or implicitly agreed-upon characteristics or features.
The seller has provided an item that does not correspond to the exhibited sample or model, unless the sample or model was only presented for observation purposes.
The suitability of goods for normal use is evaluated concerning typical items of the same category, considering any declarations made by the seller or manufacturer, particularly through advertising, product demonstrations, or information on the goods themselves.
Legal provisions governing obligation relationships apply to liability for substantive errors, unless otherwise specified by law.
Article 37a stipulates that the consumer can assert rights arising from a material defect by informing the seller within two months from the discovery of the defect. The consumer must
describe the error comprehensively in the notification and permit the seller to inspect the item. The consumer can report the defect in person, receiving a certification from the seller, or via sending it to the store where the purchase was made or to the seller’s representative who facilitated the contract.

According to Article 37b:
The seller is not accountable for material defects emerging after two years from the delivery of the item.
For used items, the seller is not liable for material defects arising after one year from the item’s delivery.
A defect in the goods is presumed to have existed during delivery if it surfaces within six months of delivery.

Under Article 37c, upon correctly notifying the seller about the error, the consumer holds the right to demand that the seller:
Rectify the defect in the goods or reimburse a portion of the paid amount proportional to the defect.
Replace the defective goods with new, flawless items.
Return the paid amount.
Additionally, the consumer retains the right to seek compensation from the seller for damages, specifically for material costs, spare parts, labor, product transfer, and transportation expenses resulting from fulfilling obligations outlined in the preceding paragraph of this article. The consumer’s rights from the initial paragraph expire after two years from the day of notifying the seller about the genuine error.



Both parties will endeavor to amicably resolve any disputes. The customer should report complaints to the company via email or phone, and the company will aim to address the dispute within three (3) working days. Should the parties fail to reach an amicable
resolution, they retain the option to pursue legal proceedings before the court in Celje, Slovenia.
Please note, we do not acknowledge any out-of-court consumer dispute resolution providers.



LBL Urška Brance s.p., in compliance with legal regulations, does not acknowledge any out- of-court consumer dispute resolution provider as competent for resolving consumer disputes initiated according to the Act on out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes. As an entity providing goods and services through online trade in the Republic of Slovenia, LBL Urška Brance s.p. is committed to displaying an electronic link on its website to the platform for online resolution of consumer disputes (SRPS). This platform is accessible to consumers via the electronic link HERE.

The aforementioned regulation is derived from the Act on out-of-court resolution of consumer disputes, Regulation (EU) no. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council concerning online resolution of consumer disputes, and the amendment of Regulation (EC) no. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/EC.



No specific codes of conduct are in place.



In the event of a buyer withdrawing from the order or contract according to withdrawal conditions, the seller undertakes to reimburse the paid purchase price within 7 days of receiving the returned items, refunding through the original payment method or via bank transfer (TRR).



LBL Urška Brance s.p. does not offer warranty periods for technical items and, therefore, does not provide warranty cards with its products.



The manager of our online store is dedicated to ensuring the continual protection of all user’s personal data. Any concluded purchase contracts will be securely stored in electronic
format at LBL, Urška Brance s.p. The provider/administrator will utilize personal data solely for the purposes of order fulfillment (including sending informative material, offers, and invoices) and essential communication.

Rest assured, under no circumstances will the user’s data be disclosed to unauthorized individuals. It is also the user’s responsibility to safeguard their personal data by ensuring the security of their username and password, as well as employing appropriate software (such as antivirus protection) on their computer.



LBL, Urška Brance s.p. will engage with the user using remote communication methods only if the user explicitly permits it. Advertising electronic and/or SMS messages will contain the
following components: They will be distinctly and unmistakably identified as advertising messages. The sender’s identity will be clearly visible. Various campaigns, promotions, and marketing techniques will be conspicuously labeled as such.
Moreover, the terms of participation in these communications will be explicitly defined:
A clear and accessible method to unsubscribe from receiving advertising messages will be provided. LBL, Urška Brance s.p. will scrupulously honor the user’s preference not to receive advertising messages.



User opinions, comments, and product reviews contributed by customers are integral to the
store’s functionality, intended to benefit the user community. The administrator/provider permits store users to share their opinions, subject to the administrator’s review before final publication. Opinions or contributions that are deemed offensive, obscene, or fail to provide value to other users and visitors, as determined by the provider, will not be published.

By submitting an opinion or comment, the user expressly agrees to the terms of use, allowing the administrator to publish part or all of the text across electronic and other media platforms. The administrator retains the right to utilize the content indefinitely for any purpose within the provider’s business interests, including its use in advertisements or other marketing communications. Simultaneously, the opinion’s author declares and ensures
ownership of both material and moral copyrights for the written content, refraining from exclusively and indefinitely transferring these rights to the online store’s manager.



LBL Urška Brance s.p., located at Arclin 33A, 3211 ŠKOFJA VAS, is registered in the Slovenian Business Register AJPES, Celje branch, on October 15, 2020, under registration number 8746281. The VAT ID is SI63158710.

We extend our best wishes for an enjoyable shopping experience!
Urška Brance
LBL s.p.